The Detroit Lions Should Just Shut the Hell Up and Play

I don’t get it. They have had one winning season in the last God know how many years but they are talking about 10-6 or better yet 12-4. What are these guys smoking?

Is it possible? Of course.

Will it happen? Lets see.

Hmmm…They do have an awful lot of talent on the offensive side of the ball. Hell, I won’t mind taking a Lion in my fantasy football draft if they are available at the right price.

But….Talent doesn’t always translate into wins. Neither one of those running backs is a sure bet. Kevin Jones may not be back, Tatum Bell can’t hold on to the ball, and who really knows what TJ Duckett can do.

There is a reason Kitna has been a journeyman throughout his career (remember that playoff game against the Steelers a couple years ago after Palmer went down).

Lets not forget last years 28th rank defense.

Oh….and check out their schedule. They play the Bears twice, an improved Packer team twice, they play the AFC West (which is arguably the best division in football) and they play Phili and an improved Arizona team on the road. It is going to be difficult getting 10 wins against those teams let alone 12.

Again, will it happen? No but 9-7 sounds much better (if they can hold on to the ball and slow down some good offenses).

There is nothing wrong with a bunch of confidence, it is an essential part of success in any thing you do but try to keep it to yourself, at least until you’ve won a game or two. Besides, didn’t Roy Williams spout off last year and then have to eat his words. You’d think they would’ve learned from that.

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The author of the Fantasy Football Goat is Corey Koehler from Winona, MN. He is a husband and a father of three looking for ways to make life more fun for everyone. His favorite NFL team is the Minnesota Vikings. He is a singer-songwriter and has been playing and winning in fantasy football leagues for 20+ years.

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