Getting Some Food For Fantasy Football Thought From ESPN’s John Clayton

I put a lot of stock in what John Clayton says when relating it to fantasy football and you should too. I think he is one of the most trustworthy NFL guys out there. He has the it factor when it comes to analysis and insider info.

Check out this article where John Clayton makes a great case for some potential game breakers.

To me Trent Green success rests fully on the O-line and I’m not so sure that will happen.

Being the Vikings rube that I am, I am without a doubt pulling for a great season out of Adrian Peterson. Can’t wait to see him in action.

The stuff on Randy Moss is pretty standard fare. I’m sure we all know what he could do in that offense with an awesome quarterback.

It is interesting how he sees McGahee changing the Raven Offense. More three and four wide receiver sets should increase the value of the entire offense. Also, not that this offense compares but, this could be the best offense Brian Billick has had to work with since being the offensive coordinator during the Vikings record breaking 98 season. Could be some value in there somewhere.

Wow, Jeff Garcia getting compared to the former MVP Rich Gannon…interesting. Garcia is a gamer and in Phili we saw what he could do with talent around him. As I see it, a tough division and an o-line with a ton of question marks are the only things standing in his way.

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About Corey Koehler

The author of the Fantasy Football Goat is Corey Koehler from Winona, MN. He is a husband and a father of three looking for ways to make life more fun for everyone. His favorite NFL team is the Minnesota Vikings. He is a singer-songwriter and has been playing and winning in fantasy football leagues for 20+ years.

4 thoughts on “Getting Some Food For Fantasy Football Thought From ESPN’s John Clayton

  1. FanProphet

    This is a good article. I agree with the McGahee piece if you’ve noticed in my AFC ratings. But, the only knock on Garcia is Tampa’s inability to show any type of offensive consistency for decades. Hopefully he does because I like Garcia.

  2. Corey Koehler Post author

    In my opinion Tampa’s inconsistencies have centered around the QB position. We’ll see!

  3. Drew

    I’m not so sure its their qb, the wr are not very impressive. Clayton is making his rookie season look like a fluke, Stovall could be starting at that position this year. Galloway is a one trick pony with the deap ball.

  4. Corey Koehler Post author

    Hey it’s Drew! Welcome to the conversation.

    When I was referring to the QB situation I am going way back to even the Dilfer years. Also, I don’t think that the receivers were Brad Johnsons problem a few years back. After he was benched they improved.

    Could be right on Clayton. Stovall is making some noise. One to watch.

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