Post Super Bowl Off Season Fantasy Football Tip

Now that the NFL season is in the books you might be thinking that you don’t have to worry about fantasy football until summer. But that would be a mistake (unless you are playing against me in a league  in which case, stop reading now).

Every offseason I stay glued to at least two sources of NFL and fantasy football news (my fav’s are the highly addictive and solid email newsletter).


Because it keeps me up to date on all of the free agent signings, coaching changes, trades, combine news, draft news, etc, etc throughout the offseason. This helps me to internalize all the changes as they come and gives me a good feel for how teams are shaping up “as they are shaping up.”

That way, when it is time to draft, I don’t need to start cramming a week or few days before.

I’m not saying you have to read every day but check in at least 2 times per week on light news weeks.

Give it a shot and I guarantee you will see results come draft time and throughout the next season.

FanDuel Hindsight Report 1/31/13: Last Night’s Fantasy Basketball Keys to Success

We’re back at it with another Hindsight Report. These players were keys to success in our fantasy basketball leagues last night.

Top NBA Value Picks from 1/30 (most bang for the buck)

1. Michael Beasley ($4100) – 41 fantasy points
2. Lance Stephenson ($3900) – 30 fantasy points
3. Taj Gibson ($3900) – 30 fantasy points
4. Nick Young ($4000) – 29 fantasy points
5. Emeka Okafor ($5900) – 37 fantasy points

High Fantasy Scorer on 1/30:
Al Horford ($7900) – 44 fantasy points

Big Winner Spotlight – $10 Becomes $2,000 In One Night for fowldog

FanDueler fowldog, who just joined earlier this month, turned $10 into $2,000 last night with his winning lineup in the $12,500 NBA Slam (missed out? No worries, we run a handful of these every week). Here was his winning lineup:

PG Eric Bledsoe ($6100) – 32 FP
PG Kyle Lowry ($5400) – 28 FP
SG JJ Redick ($5600) – 30 FP
SG DeMar DeRozan ($5600) – 31 FP
SF LeBron James ($9900) – 40 FP
SF Michael Beasley ($4100) – 41 FP
PF Thaddeus Young ($6700) – 27 FP
PF Josh Smith ($8600) – 42 FP
C Al Horford ($7900) – 44 FP

Was there any method to his madness? Well, let’s take a look at the thinking that most likely went into some of his picks:

Eric Bledsoe has been on a tear as the Clips’ starting PG with Chris Paul sidelined.

Kyle Lowry saw more minutes than he had since January 18th. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since Toronto traded Jose Calderon to Detroit earlier in the day.

JJ Redick has seen a ton of action with Arron Afflalo sidelined and had a very attractive matchup against the Knicks.

DeMar DeRozan stood to benefit from a 9-man Raptors rotation that was without Ed Davis and Jose Calderon.

Michael Beasley: with a new attitude and a new coach, Beasley continued his recent mini-tear.

Josh Smith and Al Horford feasted on a depleted Raptors squad that gives up 99.9 points per game.

Fowldog’s draft strategy clearly paid off last night. The big performances above were still enough to withstand the blow of mediocre performances by LeBron James and Thaddeus Young.

Can your foresight make our next Hindsight Report? There’s only one way to find out. Here are two huge Friday night contests that you won’t want to miss out on:

$25k Fri NBA Slam

$25 entry fee and a $5,000 top prize

Feb 1st $200,000 DFBBC Qualifier 

Win this contest and we’ll fly you to Vegas to compete against 14 finalists for a $125k prize pool and a $50,000 top prize.

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