Is Brett Favre Just Filling Up On Passion?

I was reading Joe Bryant’s Daily Email today and I discovered that Brett Favre is back to working out with the high school team again.

Joe made the comment along the lines of what a thrill is must be for the kids to be working out and practicing with a living legend – which I totally agree with.

But then it dawned on me. Perhaps Brett practices with them to re-charge his love-for-the-game batteries. He hangs out with kids who are – for the most part – playing because they just love playing, not because they are looking to get a bigger contract, live up to one or to earn a living. Maybe it gives him a nice dose of  “this is what it is all about.”

Hell, maybe that explains why it takes him until now to know whether he wants to give it another go. He has to get out on the field with the youngsters to get that youthful exuberance back (sorry for the big word). If it catches on with him, he’s in. If not, that’s when he will call it quits.

Just a thought.

What do you think?

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