Using Twitter as a Fantasy Football Tool

Have you ever heard of Twitter? If not maybe its time you did. I think it could be very useful for you as a fantasy football tool, especially if you and I could build up a large enough following.

Here is why.

First, I will be using it to pass on info and thoughts when I can (and you could do the same). I listen to ton of podcasts, a bunch of NFL Sirius, read many blogs/sites and have a decent network of fantasy football friends who share info and share it fast.

Next, imagine having a ton of friends from all over the country watching all the games. It would be like having a set of eyes on every game. You would be getting poeple’s thoughts – in real time – on how players are performing, any recent injuries or other gametime updates. Kind of like your very own news ticker. Pretty handy aye?

There are also many fantasy football blogs and sites that have Twitter accounts. You will be able to track their updates as well. When you get to my profile, just look through the list of poeple I follow, many of them are there.

But that is not all. You can get this stuff sent to your phone for mobile access as well.

I am still learning about using this so I will update this post as I figure out other benefits as well. If I missed anything and you know more, let me know, I will pass it on.

So get going, get yourself an account (if you don’t have one) and follow me at I will return the favor.

Lost? For more in depth discussion on what Twitter is and how to use it, check out this beginners guide to Twitter.

P.S. Thanks FFGeeks for lighting a fire under my butt with your recent post. I have been thinking about using Twitter and posting about it for awhile now but haven’t for whatever reason.

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17 thoughts on “Using Twitter as a Fantasy Football Tool

  1. Cassidy

    Hey thanks for the info Goat. I will track your blogs and check into this in detail when I get back from running errarnds and going to the gym.

  2. Jacob from Fantasy Football Fools

    Welcome to Twitter, FFGoat. I’ve been twittering from @jacobsloan with all the latest fantasy football talk and found some real value in it.

    Not only can you share the latest fantasy football news, but Twitter is a great way to get some discussion going on the fantasy impact. I’ve started several fantasy football discussions outside of my own blog posts about the latest off-season moves and free agents. It’s a great way to keep talk going besides just comments on blog posts.

    How else are you going to get instant access to several fantasy addicts? You can even Twitter from your phone mid-draft.

  3. Corey Koehler Post author

    Thanks for stopping Jacob,

    Yeah I should’ve mentioned the discussion factor. Didn’t think of it. And Twitter mid-draft. …now theres an idea. Thanks.

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  5. Corey Koehler Post author

    Thanks Ryan,

    You have to follow others to get more updates. Where to find poeple to follow; There are a few links in the comments above and on the ffgeekblog comments. Follow the people I follow by clicking on the little pictures (avatars on the right on my profile). Or you can do a search within twitter for keywords like “fantasy football” or “NFL”.


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