Crunchtime Fantasy Football Start’em Sit’em and Sleepers for Week 13

This Fantasy Football Start’em Sit’em could be one of the most important of the season for many of you. You could be one of the fringe owners looking to earn a spot in your leagues first round of playoffs next week. There is no room for error and its a loooooong offseason.

With that said you probably have a lot to go over before you finalize your starting roster, so lets get right to it. Here are this weeks picks:

Start’em if you got’em
Thomas Jones RB (NYJ) – Jones has been pretty inconsistent running the ball this year but I have a feeling he will get it going this weekend against Miami like he did in their last meeting (110 yards on the ground). The Dolphins are ranked 30th in the league because they are allowing 148 yards per game as well as allowing the second most rushing touchdowns in the league with 13. Hell, Willie Parker had to run through a swamp on Monday night and still posted 81 yards on them. Put Jones down for 125 and a at least 1 touchdown.

Final stats: 75 yards and a touchdown.
Final thoughts: Leon Washington was a factor in this one as well. Leon posted 68 yards and 2 touchdowns of his own.

Minnesota defense – These guys looked great last week when they shut down the Giants and took three of four picks to the house. Better yet they will be playing at home with a ton of confidence against a Lions team that has allowed a league high 47 sacks this season and likes to turn the ball over (14 picks and 11 lost fumbles). Not good when your playing a Vikes team that can make you pay for those turnovers. The last time these teams met they had three picks. Look for the Vikes to give up 20 points but get 4 sacks, 4 turnovers and at least 1 touchdown this week against the Lions.

Final stats: 10 points allowed, 3 sacks, 2 turnovers and, if your league counts special teams touchdowns, 1 TD.
Final thoughts: Solid performance for the Vikes. Their offense controlled the ball for a little over 37 minutes which kept the defense fresh.

Sit’em if you’ve got em
Shaun Alexander RB (SEA) – He practiced Wednesday and is most likely going to return from injury this week. But, the only thing he will be successful at is taking carries away from Maurice Morris. Not only did Coach Holmgren state that they will split carries but I just bet Morris will get the majority of the third down duties akeeping Alexander virtually dormant on the passing game. Combine all that with the fact that Phili is a top ten defense in the rushing category and he will be lucky to get more than 50 yards and as far as touchdowns go, look for Weaver to get the carries at the goal line.

Final stats: 20 carries for 65 yards and a TD.
Final thoughts: The touchdown had more to do with Phili turning the ball over deep in their territory than anything. Also, Morris had almost identical stats (64 yards and a TD) with 15 less carries.

Phillip Rivers QB (SD) – In the last meeting with the Chiefs he had 211 yards, 0 touchdowns and 2 picks. And that was at home in his own stadium. This week expect to see a repeat performance of the his last game against the Chiefs top ten passing defense.

Final stats: 10 for 21 for 157 and a TD.
Final thoughts: It was all LT in this one.

Sleepers: don’t be surprised if…
…Travis Henry RB (DEN) plays and has a big game against the Raiders. I’m not sure he is a true sleeper but he’s been out for awhile and you might be leery of putting him in. Don’t be. Kolby Smith and Chester Taylor both posted 150 plus on Oakland the last two weeks. Even Ron Dayne put up a 122 on them four weekends ago. There is no reason a rested and healthy running back in a Broncos uniform can’t put up big numbers versus the Raiders. I’ll say 125+ and two touchdowns.

…Chad Johnson WR (CIN) gives a repeat of his last performance against the Steelers. Back in week eight the Steelers held him to 5 catches for 51 yards.

Be sure to check out my Fantasy Football Waiver Wire post because you may be able to pick out a sleeper or two on your own.

As always, that is not all my friend. There are a few other stops you should make before finalizing your starting lineup.

First, make sure you stop by and see how the Fantasy Football Librarian can help you. Every week she posts all of the start’em sit’em articles, player ranking posts and waiver wire lists that she can find so that you don’t have to hunt for them yourself. Check her out and tell her the Goat says hi.

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31 thoughts on “Crunchtime Fantasy Football Start’em Sit’em and Sleepers for Week 13

  1. Freddie Footballer

    Don’t forget about Cecil Sapp for Denver as a deep reach play. Of course, it all depends on Henry and Andre Hall and their injury statuses. If Henry is out for this game, although unlikely, Sapp would be a good pickup. He may be a good pickup anyways since Henry might be suspended after this week and Hall has a high ankle sprain.


  2. Corey Koehler Post author

    Hey Freddie,

    Thanks for the comment. You make a good point. I listed Sapp in my Sleeper/Waiver Wire on Monday.


  3. Dylan

    Hey guys,
    need some advice. The slots to fill are: 1 QB, 1 RB, 1 TE, 1 WR, 1 D/ST, 2 RB/WR.
    The Team is:
    QB: C. Palmer, D. Garrad
    RB: A. Hall, T. Henry, K. Smith, A. Peterson(CHI)
    WR: L. Evans, H. Ward, D. Stallworth, D. Driver
    TE: T. Scheffler, H. Miller
    D/ST: PIT, NYG


  4. Tim

    I have 2 sit’em or start’em questions:

    #1) Brandon Marshall or Calvin Johnson

    #2) Laurency Maroney or Fred Jackson (if he is starting)

    Thanks, this will be a huge help.

  5. rav

    hey guys,
    need some quick advice. who should i start at rb this week, grant or t. jones. normally i would say grant no doubt but jones goes up against the dolphins this week. thoughts?

  6. Victor Palazuelos

    Hello there,
    I’m looking for some input on two open roster spots for this weekend.

    I have one open WR spot. Isaac Bruce and Javon Walker are my two options, who should I start?

    I have one RB position to fill, and my options are Reggie Bush, Adrian Peterson(CHI), Kolby Smith, and Chester Taylor. Which one of those four will provide the most production?

    Thanks as always for your insight!

  7. Jay Young

    who do I start? A. boldin, S. smith, R. wayne, A. Johnson, C. Henry I am looking for 3 of these guys to start.

  8. Corey Koehler Post author


    Tough match-ups for the QB but I will go with who will have the most opportunity in the passing game and most talent around him, thats Carson Palmer.

    Henry if he plays and Kolby Smith…Peterson if Henry gets suspended.

    Ward, Driver and if you didn’t Evans.




  9. Corey Koehler Post author

    Hey Tim,

    Welcome. Sorry about taking so long to reply…busy week.

    Johnson has the better match-up and I think that Jackson, even if he is an unknown at this point, is the better option if he gets the nod.

    It is really hard to predict what Maroney is going to do and he is sharing with a lot of guys.


  10. Corey Koehler Post author

    Hey rav,

    Thanks for stopping. Sorry I got to your question so late. Hopefully you went with Grant but Jones, for the reason i stated above, should be solid too.

    Win, win situation for you this weeks.


  11. Corey Koehler Post author

    Hey kamel,

    It is a close call but I am a guy who likes to use RB’s as flex players because they get the most touches. I say Taylor but either would be a a solid choice this weekend.


  12. Corey Koehler Post author

    Hey Victor,

    Welcome back!

    Bruce and Walker are both big question marks. I would almost roll with Bruce but he has a sprained hand…WR use those quite a bit i Plus I’m not a big Gus fan.

    Hard to say how effective Walker will be but he will get his chances and Cutler is play great right now.

    One out of those four…hmmmm. I think I like Kolby Smiths match-up the best. He did show he could get it done last week.

    Bush is hurting, Peterson (chi) has a very tough match-up and will give up a few carries to Garret Wolfe and Taylor has AP back to take some carries away.

    The only way I switch my opinion on that is if you get points per reception and you are confident in Bush’s health. Bush get a lot of catches.


  13. Corey Koehler Post author

    Welcome Jay,

    who do I start? A. boldin, S. smith, R. wayne, A. Johnson, C. Henry I am looking for 3 of these guys to start.

    I like Wayne, A. Johnson and Boldin. Smith is such an unknown with his QB status and Henry is the WR3 with a tough match-up.


  14. Perrin

    Help! Final game of our regular season and the guy I’m playing is tied with me for the last playoff spot. I’m looking for some RB advice. I can start two of the following:
    Selvin Young vs. Oakland
    Kolby Smith vs. San Diego
    Reggie Bush vs. Tampa Bay
    Earnest Graham vs. New Orleans
    Any thoughts on who should start? I’ve argued myself in circles. Thanks!

  15. Corey Koehler Post author

    Hello Perrin,

    Welcome to the my blog. Thanks for stopping. You have a good problem here. All of these backs are solid with solid match-ups.

    I like Graham and Kolby Smith as the safest plays.

    Bush is hurting a bit and has been lacking lately.

    Without knowing more about Henry’s situation at this time I can’t really comment on Young right now. But it is a great match up for either.

    Good luck,

  16. Corey Koehler Post author


    Still give the “slight” edge to Palmer.

    I’ve already answered your next questions above.


  17. Bobby

    Corey,I know Reggie Bush is a little dinged up and is going up against a stout tampa bay defense.They have been useing him as a decoy also.Im afraid to put him on the bench because of his up swing. I need this win bad 2morrow! I was was wondering what you thought? If not Regg, how do you feel about Jesse Chatman or Brandon Marshall?? thanx for your time!!!!

  18. Corey Koehler Post author


    The upside is big with Reggie Bush, you are correct.

    Listen for news on his status today and if your gut won’t allow you to sit him down, don’t.

    The choice between Chatman and Marshall, I assume, is for a flex pot. I will almost always choose the RB for a flex spot since they get the most touches. Besides Chatman has a decent match-up and its not like they have many other weapons. He is your best bet.


  19. l8trsk8trs

    Bush, Edge, or K. Smith!?!?!?

    I’m leaning towards Smith and Bush (we get points per reception) – but I’m worried about what Edge can do vs the Browns… any thoughts?

  20. Corey Koehler Post author

    Hey l8er,

    Tough call since they all are pretty even. But I think that Bush gets the call because of the points per reception and then I think I would go Smith over Edge.

    Edge has a good match-up but last week I saw Shipp vulture td’s from edge…that worries me.


  21. BobbyBluechip

    Do I dare bench Willie Parker against NE? I know Willis tore them up but Parker looks as if he has been fading the past few weeks, regardless of the opponent. My other options are Norwood (vs StL) and Fred Jackson (vs Mia). Thanks.

  22. Corey Koehler Post author

    Hey BobbyBlue,

    Hmmm…tough call.

    Davenport will not be playing this week so that should mean more carries. Also, teams are “getting up” against the Pats so it is very possible that he may elevate his game as well. Hard to sit him.

    With that said…

    If Lynch doesn’t play I think Jackson is a solid option against a bad Miami run defense.

    I think either of those will treat you right.

    If you are a gambler…I put Jerious Norwood in my sleeper section this week. He is slated to get more carries according to the head coach and he is playing a very suspect Saints d.


  23. steve

    clinton portis or kevin jones

    laverneous coles, larry fitz., joey galloway, chris chambers, or shaun mcdonald(pick 2)

  24. Corey Koehler Post author

    Welcome to the Goat Hops,

    Thansk for stopping.

    They are all close but if I had to choose, Barber and Jamal Lewis.

    None of those backs would be a wrong decision.


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