WHACKED OUT Start Em, Sit Em and a Sleeper Week 5

Having a rough time in your Fantasy League? You are not alone. Hell, this could be one of the hardest to predict starts to a season I can think of.

Just be thankful that you are not one of dudes over at sportsbook review trying to sort this stuff out. Can you imagine all the money on the line? Teams like Arizona and Minnesota are now doubt throwing a few wrenches in the machine.

That said, after 4 weeks it appears that things are starting to shake out a bit here’s what I see being some pretty sure bets this week.

Start Em…

Ryan Matthews (SD) – Want to jump start your running game? Just play the 32nd ranked defense. Norm Turner gives Matthew’s a little more rope and  he delivers. 150 total yards and 1+ TD’s

Sit Em…

Chris Johnson (TEN) – I know you want to believe that he’s back after last week, but the truth is, he’s not. Last weeks yards came garbage time, the Texans gave up a little in the run department for some to guard against the big play and protect the big lead.

This week, Chris visits the Metrodome and a defence that is looking like the Vikings “D” ala the Williams Wall a few years back. I’m thinking that there is no way he’s scores and no way he gets over 50 yards rushing.


St. Louis Rams (D ) – I’m going gut feel on this one. Other than being pretty aggressive and well coached (you gotta love Jeff Fisher), I think they will be amped up at home in primetime looking to make a statement against to 4 – 0 Division leading Cards.

Plus Kolb has looked decent but shaky. Not to hard to envision a few bad decisions from him when his O- Line start to bend under the pressure.

I’m thinking 13 points or less, 5 sacks and a TD’s.

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3 thoughts on “WHACKED OUT Start Em, Sit Em and a Sleeper Week 5

  1. justin l

    I like all the predictions except Matthews he’s not going to be doing much as long as battle keeps it up they will split carries at most and I can’t see Matthews getting 150 on less then 20 carries

    1. Corey Koehler Post author

      Thanks for stopping Justin. I thought about that but I think despite what they say, they want Matthews to succeed and I think they will give him a chance to. Plus, he doesn’t need 20 carries, just 12-15 and one big one.

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