SUDDEN DEATH Fantasy Football Start Em Sit Em Sleepers Week 13


Holy %#@&! Where did the season go? I can’t believe its December already. For most of you, your leagues playoffs are coming up next week and for some of you, this might be the week. At any rate, good luck to ya!

Here are a few players you can rely on this week and one that I would hold off on.

Start em if you got em…

Rashard Mendenhall RB (PIT) - Oakland comes to town with both the 31st ranked rushing defense and the most rushing touchdowns allowed in the league. Combine that with the fact that the Steelers may want to concentrate on keep Big Ben upright and you have yourself a back who should get plenty of opportunities to put up some fantasy points. 125+ yards and 2 touchdowns doesn’t sound to bad.

Jeremy Maclin WR (PHI) - Desean Jackson is out, the Eagles like to pass alot and Atlanta (27th in the league against the pass) like to let teams pass alot – with success (over a TD per game ta boot). Sounds like a no-brainer to me.  5+ catches 100+ yards and a touchdown.

Sit em if you got em…

Ben Roethlisberger QB (PIT) – Two Steeler make it to the list today. I hate piling on one team but it seemed to obvious. Even if he does play I would expect them to concentrate on running the ball both to keep Ben upright and because Oaktown isn’t to bad against the pass and horrible against the run.

Sleepers: Don’t be surprised if…

…Shonn Greene RB (NYJ) chips in a 100 and a TD against a Bills team that can’t stop anyone who tries to run (WTF Miami?). Earlier this year when these teams met the Jets had two backs, Thomas Jones and Leon Washington, go for 100 plus and a score.

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As always, ee you next time and good luck this weekend.

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