Early Bird Fantasy Football Start Em Sit Em and Sleepers Week 7

Well I called the Jets success in the running game last week but the Cinci D didn’t help at all with the Schaub prediction.  Just when you were ready to start believing in the Bengals, they take a step back. Typical!

But then again, that Texans O isn’t exactly chopped liver and perhaps the Bengals were a little emotionally fatigued after all the tough division games combined with the events surrounding the surprising death of the defensive coordinators wife.

Either way, you can’t win them all. But, it sure as hell isn’t gonna keep me from tryin. Take a look at this weeks picks.

Start em if you got em…

Ryan Grant RB (GB) The Browns are allowing 165 yards per game to apposing running backs and, on top of that, they’ve given up 9 touchdowns in six games (do the math). And if the Packers are smart they will concentrate on running the ball both to exploit the weak Browns rushing D and to keep Rodgers upright (something the injuries along the line have been preventing them from doing.  I think 115+ yards and 1+ touchdown are very doable don’t you?

Sit em if you got em…

Jake Delhomme QB (CAR) Unless you REALLY need him to fill in on bye week, you would be wise to put this guys down. The way to beat the Bills is on the ground and Carolina will be able to do that all day. It would just be reckless for the Panthers to put the ball in Jake’s hands any more than they have to. Maybe he’ll get 200 yards and maybe he’ll get a touchdown but is that what you want out of your starter?

Sleepers: Don’t be surprised if…

…Ben Jarvis Green-Ellis RB (NE) racks up some respectable stats in garbage time when the Pats are blowing out the Bucs in the UK. I’m not saying he’s a top level start but with all the top backs off this week, a dude like this could be picked up and thrown in for a low end RB2 or flex player for pretty cheap. 75+ total yards and a touchdown.

...Anthony Fasano TE (MIA) posts a solid game while Miami tries to keep pace with New Orleans. I am sure that the backs will get plenty of targets but Fasano gets a decent amount of targets himself plus he usually gets a look or two in the redzone. Look for a solid 50+ and a touchdown.

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See you next time and good luck this weekend.

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