BARGAIN Fantasy Football Start Em, Sit Em and Sleepers Week 8

Won’t be long now and the fantasy playoff will be here and there is no room for error. SOOO, lets make sure you have quality contributors to put in your line-up and make sure you keep the dead weight out of it. Check this list!

Start em if you got em…

Arizona D – These dudes are on a tear – 7 int’s, 8 forced fumbles and 16 sacks this year already – and guess who’s comin to town – Jake “the Turnover Machine” Delhomme. I don’t think it takes much more convincing than that.  Oh, and I bet you can find them on your waiver wire. Look for 4 sacks, less than 14 points, 3 picks and a TD.

Lee Evans WR (BUF) – Not sure what it is but something about Lee gives me the warm fuzzies with Houston coming to town. Those fuzzies feel something like 6 for 100 and a TD.

Sit em if you got em…

Steve Smith WR (CAR) – I hope you traded him cuz it is not looking good.

Matt Hasselbeck QB (SEA) – A few weeks ago against Arizona he was sacked five times and last Thanksgiving against Dallas (his opponent this week) he was sacked 7 times. I don’t know about you but I’d be nervous about whether or not he can even finish the game. 150 yards and maybe a touchdown.

Sleepers: Don’t be surprised if…

…Marc Bulger QB (STL) has a somewhat decent day. I’m not saying you should bet the farm on the guy but if you are in a pinch because of a bye, he might be an option for you. He is playing Detroit and the Rams have slowly – very slowly – been able to generate some offense lately. Look for him to put up around 225 and a few TD’s – one to Avery and one to Jackson.

Justin Fargas RB (OAK) busts off a few decent runs against a semi-struggling Chargers run D that gave up some yardage on the ground in their last meeting (120+ and a TD). I watched him last week and the man was running with a mission – to bad they were getting spanked or who knows. Anyway, this is a rivalry game and the game be somewhat close which mean that the Raiders running game will stay relevant til at least the fourth quarter. I say 100 and a touchdown.

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See you next time and good luck this weekend.

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3 thoughts on “BARGAIN Fantasy Football Start Em, Sit Em and Sleepers Week 8

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  2. TheCoolestCool

    How do you figure that it doesn’t look good for Steve Smith (CAR) after he just had 99yds? That statement doesn’t make sense after he put up the numbers he did last week. Had you said bench him because he’s up against Rolle and Cromartie – I’d give you some credit. However, in this situation – you simply say you hope your readers traded him earlier when the guy just put up 99yds.

    1. Corey Koehler Post author

      Thanks for stopping CC,

      Yeah that is what I said. You are correct, he did get 6 catches for 99 last week (one of the catches was for 48) but what did he do before that? And how many touchdowns does he have? Also, if you look at the schedule – other than a match-up against Tampa – he will be playing top ten defenses from here on out.

      Bottom line, I am just stating what I think. You don’t have to agree.

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