Fantasy Football Blogger Training Camp Day #2: FFLibrarian

There is this stigma out there that fantasy football is a guy thing but nobody told Sara over at Fantasy Football Librarian. Sara is a real live librarian who has been blogging about fantasy football for at least 4 – maybe 5 – years.

Sara sifts through all of the fantasy football news out there and then comments on and link to it. That saves you and I a ton of time. She also compiles all of the injury, waiver wire and start sit info throughout the season which is beyond helpful when it comes to managing your team.

Being a librarian makes is a perfect fit in the world of fantasy football. Her reference and research skills are impeccable.

She is a regular guest on Westwood One Fantasy Football show, she has written (and still might be writing) for the New York Times and has done some things with her local FOX News to name a few.

And since it is always nice to know who someones favorite team is, she is from Denver and is a huge Broncos fan.

Stop by Fantasy Football Librarian and say hi!

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